Michael White for Governor
Michael White for Governor

I am Michael White, a member of the Green Party, and am running for the office of Governor.

Why I am running for Governor:


We must never allow evil and injustice to hold the field.

Paraphrased from James Comey – A Higher Loyalty



Tiffany Anderson for Lieutenant Governor
Tiffany Anderson for Lieutenant Governor
  • Cannabis legalization.
  • Single-payer healthcare.
  • Election integrity.
  • Funding public schools.
  • Repair roads and infrastructure.
  • Reform drug/pharmaceutical policies and pricing.
  • Green New Deal.
  • No money from corporations, lobbyists, or PACs!

This I believe:

  • There is no Planet B. We are fouling our water, poisoning our air, killing off species, rendering our planet unfit for life. We are destroying our children’s future. Global climate change is real, happening right now, and it is in our power to fix it. We must stop burning fossil fuels.
  • We deserve “government of the people, by the people and for the people.” Instead we have government of the people for the benefit of the rich. This needs to change.
  • When did the Party of Lincoln become the party of “Build a wall at the border?” When was the Party of FDR bought and paid for, by Wall Street? We need a Green Fair Deal.
  • We need corporate money out of politics. We must end corporate personhood.
  • I believe government should serve the public good, not be purchased by special interests.
  • Government must be transparent and accountable. We need more citizen engagement.
  • I support a higher minimum wage. A family needs to be able to live on the minimum wage.
  • I believe our citizens should not be afraid of their police.
  • I believe quality education should be available to all; everyone should receive the best possible education. Teachers should not be the first place we cut the budget.
  • I believe torture is not an American Value.
  • I own guns, but I believe automatic weapons should not be covered by the 2nd Amendment.
  • I believe every vote should be counted.   We must stop excluding voters.
  • I believe in the dignity of every citizen. There must be no room for bullying by the government.
  • I believe in the sanctity of life and a woman’s right to choose.   There is no single solution to the issue of abortion. We must stop insisting on a black and white solution.
  • I believe we must protect our children’s future. We are running out of time.